'Materia' Rosenfeld Porcini Gallery - Open until 28 September 2019

37 Rathbone Street, London, W1T 1NZ

Telephone: +44 [0]20 7637 1133

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 11-7pm
Saturday 11–6pm

Rosenfeld porcini is pleased to present Materia, the gallery’s second themed exhibition this year. Featuring the work of 17 international artists, ‘Materia’ reflects on the idea of hierarchy of materials, historically a cornerstone, yet today made obsolete by the radical ‘democratisation’ of media which took places across the last century. Attempting to offer a glimpse on the ever more blurred line of demarcation between art and design, the exhibition juxtaposes practices based on the use of traditional materials with works which have only recently achieved the status of contemporary art.