MA Ceramics and Glass, Royal College of Art: Year One

It's been a while since I've posted as the RCA has taken over my life but I've been loving it!

These are some photos of final pieces and working shots from the second half of the year... enjoy!

The Food Project:

To create functional pieces inspired by a meal of our choosing, to eat from or display or serve food from. Spaghetti was my chosen dish and I wanted to express its look and playful nature within my forms. 

Below are a series of bowls I also made for the food project, again, inspired by spaghetti and using a technique called 'incalmio', this technique was traditionally used by Italian glass makers and involves constructing an object, usually a vessel, by fusing two or more blown glass elements. The process was first practiced in the Islamic world in the Middle Ages and demands great precision because the edges of the adjoining elements must have precisely the same diameter in order to create the look of one continuous piece of glass.



I've nearly completed my first year now and have an exciting summer to look forward to. I will be taking part in a two week programme at Corning Museum of Glass in The US with Anna Riley, an amazing glassblower based Brooklyn. The class will focus on the dialogue between form and colour in blown glass, developing skills and visual language, considering the potential for colour to enhance form, complement function, or convey meaning. I'll be posting photos and videos during my time there to keep you updated.